Inane ramblings of a visual effects artist

SPAM Analysis

I received a few viruses in my inbox during the holiday season and naturally, I downloaded and ran this malware to see what it’s purpose was. What did the authors want to accomplish? How are they planning on achieving said goal? Who are…


Commercial Photography

While doing some intense procrastinating, I decided to try my hand at table top photography, and those trendy high key object-on-a-white-background type photos. Looking around the house I found some apples, a wine glass and some cabernet sauvignon. I set up my white…


Spiders and Webs and Scorpions, Oh My!

Walking the dog late at night now, I find I’m running in to a LOT more spider webs than usual. And tonight I found the culprit! After getting the dog back to the safety of the house, I went back outside. Armed with…


Remembering is easy…now in video

Without further¬†ado…. After a long and…arduous journey the Don’t text and Drive spot I’m affectionately (and creatively) calling “Forget” is now in video form. There were countless snafus and issues but in the end I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I…


The Dilemma

A late night snack decision leads to an excepted encounter in the ds106zone. Submitted for you approval…The Dilemma. Special thanks to my sister, Jen Carlson and my mom Debbie Carlson for helping out with this at midnight after I had a “brainstorm of…


They’re Here

Re-Create a Horror Scene: PreProduction Pre-production is the most important part of making a film, especially one involving visual effects. Films take a lot of work from a lot of people to pull off and know what you need from everyone involved is…


ds106zone bumper

In anticipation for video week, I created a short graphic for the ds106zone. I wanted to play around with some custom textures using the Element 3D plug in for After Effects. I love how close you can zoom in and the resolution is…


Creepy Crawler MoGraph

My most recent business profile shoot was for a pest control company just starting out J&J Pest Control, Inc. Great guys…if you happen to be in the SoCal area and have an issue or want to avoid one give them a call…anyway…I was…


Picture This

Picture this Two lounge chairs sit alone on a quiet beach, a small table between them with two cocktails ready to be enjoyed. The sun is setting. The sound of the waves breaking. Seagulls in the distance. Cool breeze off the water. Perfection.…


Blending with the GIMP

Thanks to a comment by Christina asking me to clarify a brief mention I made to GIMP blending modes, I decided to do a little more research. The best resource I found was Grokking the GIMP.¬†Very handy. But I’ll summarize some of the…